Apollo and Saturn

Entry Level Beginner Position – Pay is not appropriate for experienced writers

Thank you for your interest in the Apollo and Saturn Writing Projects. Each person that is hired for this project must be able to sign a Confidentiality agreement as well as an Independent Contractor’s agreement. All writers for this project will be expected to be able to complete 10 to 20 pieces each day depending on project needs.

Apollo: Product descriptions between 130 and 250 words. Consists of a long description and a short description. To get an idea of what you’ll be writing, go to any major retailers website and search for a product. Then, choose an item from one of the returned listings. Open it up, and read through it. You’ll see a long paragraph, (the SD) and a bullet list. (The LD). This is a product description.

Saturn: Category descriptions roughly 275 words in length. Consists of a Meta Title, Meta Description, and several content paragraphs. To see what this may look like, go to any online marketplace and search for a general category, such as Electric Mixers. The marketplace may pop open a results page that has a lot of electric mixers, but will also talk a bit about what an electric mixer is. That is a category description. Category descriptions are a fairly new concept and so you may not find one easily.

Both projects require the use of keywords.

Due to confidentiality requirements, this work cannot be subcontracted to any writer not on the Apollo project. Training will be provided but not paid. Any writing done during training will be paid. In the beginning, each writer will be given 3-5 items to write each day. This will increase to 20 items each day. All assignments should be completed daily. This amount may increase as the writer develops their skills, and as project requirements change on the client’s end. Further requirements, as stated by the Apollo Manager are:

1. Must be proficient in AP style writing
2. Must be able to meet daily guidelines
3. Must use proper grammar and English
4. Must be able to follow specific instructions
5. Must be able to accept constructive criticism
6. Must be able to correct mistakes from the constructive criticism in future writings
7. Have the dedicated amount of time available for said project and be able to meet ALL deadlines
8. Must be willing to join Writers Facebook group.

Payments are made exclusively through Direct Deposit. Pay for this project is 1 cent per word after editing.

Cool stuff: Work from home, or anywhere really, any time of day or night as long as you meet the deadlines. Learn SEO skills and polish up writing skills at the same time. You also get to experience the “behind the scenes” type of stuff on how these pieces get written and placed upon retailers websites.

You’ll be writing product descriptions or category pages depending upon the project you’ve been placed. There is a small learning curve when you first begin but it does get easier. And best of all, you can work this around your life instead of working your life around this.

The Saturn Project does require participating in the Saturn FB group due to rapidly changing guidelines. You only need to check the group each day.