Brutus Project

Kinzer Projects seeks writers for our Brutus Buying Guide Project. Writers should have experience with writing buying guides with SEO keywords. Each 1000 word buying guide would be given a deadline of 5 days to complete. Each guide will pay out at between 1 and 2 cents per word, up to $20. The rate of pay is determined by 1 cent per word base pay plus the bonuses offered for early completion and high quality. All payments are made through either Paypal, Business Check, or (for Bank of America customers only) through wire transfer.

All writers must be U.S. citizens, native English speakers, over the age of 18 and able to sign confidentiality agreements. Pay is normally through Paypal, but alternative arrangements can be made.

Interested? Please fill out the following application. Remember to add to your address books so that our emails do not get blocked by spam filters.

Firefox users report that the forms do not show up on their end. Please use the following URL: