Here is a brief listing of our frequently asked questions:

1. Do I have to be an agent with Kinzer Projects to apply?
All of our job listings are available to both agents and non-agents. Each posting will tell the applicant whether they must become an agency upon being hired. We do have many clients that choose to pay agency fees up front, and to manage their own projects.

2. How do I apply to be an agent?
At the side of your screen, you will see a link that says “Agency Applications.” Please, read the information, then fill out the requested form. Please keep in mind that if work is slow, we will not be bringing in new agents. We will, however, keep your application on file.

3. What is required of Kinzer Project agents upon hiring?
Each agent will have to sign an independent contractors form, an acknowledgements form, and will need to send in a resume. We will also ask you to fill out an interests survey as well. In addition to this, clients may also require a confidentiality agreement. Once given a client to work with, we will request that you sign a contract before we can get you started.

4. Do you have earning limits?
Yes, we do have one earnings limitation, and this is for U.S. residents. Once you have earned $500 as a KP agent, you must fill out a W9 before we can send you any further payments. This is a requirement set forth by the Internal Revenue Service. Once this form is complete, you will receive all pay owed, as well as all future payments.

5. Do you give finder’s fees?
We do, in fact, have a finder’s fee system. When a person brings a new client to Kinzer Projects, that person will receive 50% of the agency’s profit for the first payment sent to the agency. In order for this to occur, that person must
1. Bring the client directly to Kinzer Projects, not through a Facebook group, or other social networking method. The person has to bring us the client instead of us asking the person for the information.
2. The person must also reach out to the client, and give the potential client a strong recommendation of our services.
3. The client must sign a contract with Kinzer Projects, and must pay their contract on time.

Profit is defined as being money left over after paying agency staff for their contributions to the project, and paying the team lead or staffing manager for the project.

6. Is this a “real” business or company?
Yes, Kinzer Projects, LLC is a real company. Our EIN is available to agents or clients whom request it. We are registered with the state of Texas. We have been in operation since 2007, and we were once seeking corporate status in the state of Nevada in 2009. In 2011, we decided to start small with an LLC status, and registered in our home state of Texas.

7. Can you guarantee work to all of the Kinzer Project Agents?
No. As an agent, we cannot guarantee work for you. We cannot guarantee work opportunities. All that we can guarantee is that our team of experts will work their hardest to secure work opportunities on your behalf. While we cannot guarantee those opportunities, it is up to each agent to decide to act when those opportunities are presented to them.