SEO Content Editor

Here we grow again! (Application below)

Entry Level Beginner Position – Pay is not appropriate for experienced editors

Kinzer Projects seeks multiple Product Description editors to join our Apollo editing team, Category Template editors for our Saturn team, and editors for other projects we have coming up. This role will be fun and challenging. It will allow you to practice your leadership and management skills while helping a team of writers to earn more money by providing better quality content. You will be working with a small editing team to ensure all items are edited in a timely manner, allowing us to meet daily deadlines.

Apollo Descriptions take between 3-5 minutes to edit on average. Pay is 50 cents per piece.
Saturn Templates take between 5-10 minutes to edit on average. Pay is $1.00 per piece.

Actual editing speed varies with each editor. When first starting, editors will be slower but will gain speed as they become more comfortable in their roles. Editing new writers is also a bit of a slow process, as well, until they get comfortable within their roles.

College students! Ask how we can help get you college credit as an editing intern!

The Good:

  • Hours are flexible, though we are seeking an editor for the night shift
  • Other work can be completed while editing
  • Work within a small team
  • You get to help develop work processes for future writers and editors

The Negative:

  • Pay is invoiced monthly and paid two weeks after invoice
  • Pay is per piece, not per hour
  • Client tends to change things on us quite a bit
  • This is a new project so things change frequently in the beginning


  • Time management skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Prior experience editing
  • Prefer prior experience writing PDPs
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to work nights
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Communication skills
  • Editors will be asked to join the Facebook groups for their teams.

For consideration, please fill out the following form:

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