Project Assistant Team Lead

Kinzer Projects is a bootstrap start up company. This means that every project has to pay for itself. We’ve been operating as an LLC in the state of Texas since January of 2012. We are currently growing our project and client base. We do anticipate a large jump in workload in a matter of weeks. As such, we are looking to delegate some of the roles within our current projects.

We are looking to hire one Project Assistant Team Lead for our Hermes project. We do prefer that the team lead be in the Lockhart/Bastrop/Austin, TX area for training purposes; however, we will interview all candidates who apply. The person that best fits the project will be hired regardless of location.

Team lead will oversee a current team of 50 writers and 10 editors.

Responsibilities of the team lead are:

Track earnings
Hire and train new editors and writers
Send feedback to editors and writers
Assign work
Reassign work as necessary
Flag inactive or unfit contracts for termination
Process new writers
Work with client to improve quality and/or production
Create and maintain company culture
Help to create bonus structure for writers
Calculate Payroll
Update Bank Records

The required skills for this position are:

Effective communication
Team management
Time management
Ability to multi-task
Problem solving skills
Creative encouragement (We don’t want box thinkers!)
Stress management
Critical thinking skills

We’re also looking for certain personality traits as well. These traits are:

Fun loving!
“Can do” attitude!
Goal oriented

The lead’s pay is directly tied in to the team’s production.

Do you believe that you’d be a good fit for this position? If so, please apply below.