Writing Pool

We are reopening our pool of writers to applicants. If you are interested in helping us to participate in new pilot projects, please read below. These projects could be simple articles, short stories, product descriptions, buying guides or even SEO articles. Please use the following form to indicate your interest.

Most projects will pay a minimum of 1 cent per word, however, projects based on character counts pay have a different flat rate fee. Upon application, writers should be prepared to have projects at any time. It may be immediately, several weeks or even several months. Being accepted into our writing pool places writers on an “on call” status.

You can expect that most projects will be product descriptions, copy blocks, giving short answers, very short blogs, etc.

Please fill out the following application to join our writing pool. Be sure to add kinzerprojects@kinzerprojects.com to your email contact list, otherwise, our attempts to contact you may be blocked by spam filters!

Firefox users report that the forms do not show up on their end. Please use the following URL: